Kaya. 19. Indiana. College student. Left4dead addict. Inspired by photography & soon to be published author.


someone: let's be friends!!!
me: yes okay i like that idea!!!
we never speak again

i want pizza

Hi, I’m Kayla.

So pretty much I’m doing this because, I never have before and I guess it’s a good way for your followers to know more about who you are and what you like.

I’m Kayla. Obviously. My full name is Kayla Nicole Chandler. I was born September 11th, 1992. I’m 20, although I act like I’m 2. I’m really in love with Logan Lerman and The Script. My favorite shows are, Awkward, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story & American Horror Story: Asylum, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. I listen to just about anything and everything, I’m pretty open minded. I like anything from Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj. I think everyone has talent in their own way. I don’t judge anyone of anything.

I want to be a writer, I write things that just pop into my head. I have an amazing story I’m writing. I’m not dropping any hints. But it’s going to be good. :} I want to live in Ireland, on the country side, in a cabin. That’s my dream. Absolutely. I want to be a published Author or at least on New Yorks best sellers list by the time I’m 30. I want 5 kids and a girlfriend. I think my life would be perfect. Or at least a transgender husband. :} 

I have a love hate relationship with Winter. I hate the cold, but I love fires and hot chocolate, hoodies and having a good read. I’m always reading books. I like knowing whats popular and what people like to read these days. I wanna be an Author that can just come out with book right after book. I don’t really want to have a genre, I just wanna be able to write whatever I want.

I want my books to be made into movies. I like when people can actually see whats going on. But I also like them to know the history and background as well. Because we all know, movies have a time limit and books don’t. :)

Basically, I started a blog to show off my vintage/photography side. Although none of the pictures I post are mine, unless stated otherwise. I am a good photographer myself, but I don’t have a camera thats mine.

I’ve picked up skateboarding lately, but I started it too late. It’s been rainy and it’s going to be snowing soon. So I’m doing what I can, when I can. Then I’m hoping this spring to pick it all up again and hopefully I’ll have a camera and or video camera to capture all my moments.

I do not attend college right now. I’m working a lot. But believe me, I want to go back. I did a semester and I liked it, but I wasn’t going for what I wanted to go for. I only went one day a week for two classes. It really wasn’t what I wanted and it really wasn’t worth my time or money.

I like candles and being alone. I like letting my thoughts take over. I’m more of an indoors kinda girl and I like being that way. I watched Disney until I was 19. It kept me out of trouble and unpregnated. 
Recently I’ve been growing out my nails, which is pretty much a big deal since I chew my nails like an OCD person. But I’ve stopped. Which means if I can do that, then slowly I’m going to train myself to stop sucking on my lip. Which brings me to another point. I suck on my lip out of habit. I’ve been doing it since I was a baby, which it’s going to be almost impossible to break, but theres always a shot worth trying.

I know none of my sentences make sense, it’s all just jumbled, but I let my brain take over. So it’s all weird and messed up.
But I’m a messy person. Welcome to my life.